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CoCoICHI hospitality'Briskly, Sharply, and with a Smile' CoCoICHI hospitality'Briskly, Sharply, and with a Smile'

CoCoICHI hospitality – “Briskly, Sharply, and with a Smile”

We serve and respond swiftly with a smile.
That’s our basic rule.

Job Openings

Work introduction

The ICHIBANYA Group operates four restaurant brands: CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA (known as CoCoICHI and famous for curry rice), Pasta de CoCo (serving Ankake Spaghetti with thick sauce), Menya CoCo Ichi (serving curry and ramen) and Nikkui Tei (serving hamburg steak and pork cutlet on hot plates). In our restaurants, Japanese and foreign staff from various countries work together to serve customers. To help new staff members start with confidence, we provide an instruction manual covering customer service, cooking, etc. Even if you have no previous experience at this kind of work, you will be fine because our kind staff members and senior employees will teach you from scratch.

Customer service
Customer service If you serve customers with a cheerful smile, you will be fine even if you have no customer service experience. Say clearly with a smile, “Irasshaimase (Welcome)”, “Omatase shimashita (Thank you for waiting)” and ”Arigatou gozaimasu (Thank you very much)”.
Kitchen We start cooking immediately after receiving a customer’s order to make sure we serve it fast. If you have any questions, you can refer to our cooking manual or freely ask senior staff members or the manager for help.
Cleaning To serve customers safe and tasty food, we keep our stores clean through everyday cleaning. Tables, chairs and restrooms are cleaned once or more every day. Air conditioners and vent fans are cleaned weekly. We also dedicate ourselves to cleaning the neighborhood as a token of our gratitude to neighbors for accepting us as part of the community.
Staff meal
Staff meal We provide a free meal to staff members during a break or after work. Some staff members really look forward to it. *Meals differ depending on the shop.
Uniform All ICHIBANYA Group staff members wear our bright and clean uniform. *The photo shows the CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA’s uniform. Uniforms differ depending on the shop.


Arrival at the shop
Preparation for peak evening hours Prepare ingredients and equipment to serve customers. Careful preparation is important for customer satisfaction.
Peak evening hours We all do our best in the kitchen and hall to keep customers from waiting.Through teamwork, we offer customers the best possible service.
Break time When work slows down, staff members take a break to enjoy a meal before preparing to close the shop.
Closing preparation and customer service While serving customers, we prepare for the following day’s customers and tidy up the shop for closing.
Closing the shop When business hours are over, we clean and maintain the equipment.
Leaving the shop Our work is done and we go home safely.


CoCoICHI is friendly to foreign staff!

CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA Minato-ku, Toranomon, 3-chome shop
19-year-old female
4 months of experience
Part-time worker
I was nervous because this was my first part-time job
I’m interested in the economy and want to work in the field of economics in Japan in the future. After coming to Japan, I immediately entered a Japanese language school and looked for a part-time job. I decided to work at CoCoICHI because a Vietnamese friend working here introduced me to the job. I had never worked in Vietnam and this became my first ever part-time job. Moreover, I was nervous because I couldn’t understand the Japanese language at all when I entered. However, my Vietnamese friend, foreign staff and Japanese staff kindly provided guidance, so I was able to work with confidence. CoCoICHI understands and takes care of foreign staff, making it a pleasant place to work.
Japanese and foreign staff do the same jobs
There is no difference between Japanese and foreign staff jobs. New staff members start by collecting customers’ dishes from tables and washing them. At that time, I couldn't speak Japanese at all, so I focused on learning Japanese without serving customers. Once I became familiar with my job and started understanding Japanese, I practiced operating the terminal for taking orders. When I could use that machine, I started handling orders and serving food. Senior staff members helped me serve customers until I got used to it, which was reassuring. Now that I'm used to it, I can serve customers alone. My Japanese also improved and now I can ask for orders and say other simple Japanese phrases. I want to improve my Japanese further, so I’m actively focusing on customer service.

Job Openings

You can learn Japanese while working!

CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA Shop near Roppongi Station (Tokyo Metro Line)
23-year-old male
4 months of experience
Part-time worker
I learned simple Japanese conversation at work
I graduated from a university in Vietnam, studying construction. But I was interested in Japan and came here to work in architecture in the future. Before working at CoCoICHI, I entered a Japanese language school and worked part-time in a Chinese restaurant because I could cook even if I couldn’t speak Japanese. However, a Vietnamese friend working at CoCoICHI suggested that I work there, saying, "There are many foreign staff members and you’ll enjoy the work!" Since this CoCoICHI shop was also easy to access from my Japanese language school, I decided to work here. When I first started working, I didn’t use my Japanese because I was washing dishes and cleaning. But now I work in the hall, where I take customers’ orders and serve food. I'm glad I can practice my Japanese while working. When I started working at CoCoICHI, I could hardly speak Japanese, but I learned how to speak it better by serving customers in the hall.
I want to be become great at providing service and speaking Japanese
There are lots of good things about working at CoCoICHI. One is that work is enjoyable. Since joining the company, I’ve mainly been taught by the store manager, who never becomes angry and always teaches me carefully. The workplace is always fun because other staff members kindly provide guidance and customers usually respond with a smile when I take their orders. Their smiling faces make me happy. In addition, I look forward to the delicious meals we’re served. I learned how great Japanese service is when I started working at CoCoICHI. Japanese are very patient with customers and treat them with a pleasant attitude. I want to learn excellent Japanese service and language skills while working at CoCoICHI so I can work for a Japanese architectural firm in the future.

Job Openings


Can I apply even though I have no previous experience?
Yes. Don’t worry because we provide training at the shop.
How long is the training period?
Please ask for details at the interview.
Can I work only on weekdays?
Work shifts vary by shop. For details, please ask at the interview.
Is having a beard allowed?
No. Staff members are asked to have a neat appearance.
Is it OK to have a tattoo?
Those with visible tattoos are not accepted.
How is the interview conducted?
We interview you at our shop. In principle, interviews are conducted in Japanese.
Is the uniform provided?
Yes. We provide the uniform.

Job Openings